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Our Experience


The Auchan Group’s mission statement is: To improve the purchasing power and the quality of life of the greatest number of customers, with responsible, professional, committed and respected employees.  This is based on 3 values: trust, sharing and progress.

In 1961 Gérard Mulliez opened his first store in Roubaix (Northern France) in the "Hauts Champs" district, from which the company takes its name.  Today the Auchan Group is truly global with hypermarkets, supermarkets, drive-through services and even banking subsidiaries located throughout Europe, China and Taiwan.

The symbol of the robin red-breast, associated with the Auchan brand, was chosen for its cheerful character and closeness to people.  It is a good reflection of the spirit of the “AUCHAN LIFESTYLE”.

MML, in partnership with Auchan, has completed a centralised review and strategic map of their processes.   As a result of this, we rolled out our maintenance process and now centrally manage their maintenance with them.  Since working with Auchan, we have developed a uniform shop model and promoted various efficiency projects over the last four years, making changes towards incentive and reliability based processes.

Through better management information using our systems, new business practice models and the various initiatives we have promoted, we are on track to save in excess of €7m.